Kids Church

Time: Sunday mornings during the latter half of the worship service
Place: Children's Ministry Center
Age Range: Ages 4 - Grade 5
Leaders: Melissa Smith, Roxie Spaulding, April Morse, Jenni Hughes, Morgan Wistad, Cristin Juza, Ruth Graber, Sam Smith, Jillian Kaefer, Marie Schrankel, Robin Berlin

Children remain with their parents in the service until the sermon begins. At that time a pastor or leader will dismiss children to the main welcome area. All children will be walked over to the Children's Ministry Center.

Child Check-in

Please check your child in prior to the service. We use a secure digital check-in process to guarantee the safety of each child. At check-in, two labels will be printed with corresponding numbers. One label stays with the child; the other label stays with the parent. At pick-up, staff will ensure that the parent's label matches the child's label.

Child Pick-up 

All children attending Kids Church are required to be picked up by their parent/guardian at the Children's Ministry Center. Children will not be released without parent or guardian present. Please bring your check-in label with you. Any children remaining at Kids Church at 10:30 am will be walked to their Kids4mation Sunday School class.

Kids Church at Spooner Wesleyan serves kids age 4 to 5th grade. Almost every Sunday morning during the months of September to May, the kids are dismissed from the worship service prior to the sermon for Children's Church.

This is a great opportunity for children to receive biblical teaching in a relevant and creative style. They learn truths found in the Bible through stories, object lessons, theme related games/activities, music, and crafts. Every week we strive to help kids develop spiritually in a fun and safe environment.

Psalm 119:11 says, "I have hidden your word in my heart that I might not sin against you." Our goal is that God's word would be hidden in their heart through the lessons they learn at Kids Church.

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