Kids Church

Time: Sunday mornings during the latter half of the worship service
Place: Children's Ministry Center
Age Range: Ages 4 - Grade 5
Leaders: Melissa Smith
Roxie Spaulding
Kevin Morse

Children remain with their parents in the service until the sermon begins. At that time a pastor or leader will dismiss children to the main welcome area. All children will be walked over to the Children's Ministry Center.

Child Check-in

Please check your child in prior to the service. We use a secure digital check-in process to guarantee the safety of each child. At check-in, two labels will be printed with corresponding numbers. One label stays with the child; the other label stays with the parent. At pick-up, staff will ensure that the parent's label matches the child's label.

Child Pick-up 

All children attending Kids Church are required to be picked up by their parent/guardian at the Children's Ministry Center. Children will not be released without parent or guardian present. Please bring your check-in label with you. Any children remaining at Kids Church at 10:30 am will be walked to their Kids4mation Sunday School class.

Kids Church at Spooner Wesleyan serves kids age 4 to 5th grade. Almost every Sunday morning during the months of September to May, the kids are dismissed from the worship service prior to the sermon for Children's Church.

This is a great opportunity for children to receive biblical teaching in a relevant and creative style. They learn truths found in the Bible through stories, object lessons, theme related games/activities, music, and crafts. Every week we strive to help kids develop spiritually in a fun and safe environment.

Psalm 119:11 says, "I have hidden your word in my heart that I might not sin against you." Our goal is that God's word would be hidden in their heart through the lessons they learn at Kids Church.