Youth Discipleship Missions 2022

Date: TBD
Cost: TBD
Contact: Todd Keup or Marcy Keup

Where are we going?


What will we be doing?

Spiritually: Prepare to deepen your faith as you focus on serving others. We will spend time each day alone with God and will spend time together serving others in His name.

Physically: This varies baseds on the needs that come to our attention. We could be cutting wood, painting, mowing, washing windows, organizing boxes of donated items, disinfecting toys, cleaning parks, landscaping, and more. Be prepared to experience many ways in which you can offer your kindness and muscles to those in our communities.


Where are we going next? How can we serve others? What is YOUR idea of Missions? There are plenty of opportunities in our own community, as well as around the world. Where is God calling you?

To find out more, contact Reverb Youth.

Local Missions Opportunities

If you like to serve others, you do not have to look far. In Washburn County alone, there are SO many different opportunities.

  • Faith In Action
  • Washburn County Food Pantry
  • Lakeland Family Resource Center
  • Helping Hands
  • Maple Ridge Care Center