Discipleship Pathway


The goal of our Discipleship Pathway is to grow, equip, and send you out to reach those who don't know Jesus. Do you desire to become involved in discipleship, grow spiritually, and experience community with others? The Spooner Wesleyan Discipleship Pathway provides you with a clear picture of how to get connected! Simply look through the group options, click on the link to our Pathway Response Form, and select which option you are interested in. One of our team members will connect with you.

Mentor Groups

  • Groups include a mentor & mentee who meet at least once a month
  • Engage in Biblically-based material that meets specific needs (new to faith, spiritual growth, meeting relational/circumstantial needs) of the mentee
  • Gain guidance & growth through trusted one-on-one mentoring

Discipleship Groups

  • Groups range from 3-5 people of the same gender who meet once a week.
  • Engage in a daily Bible reading plan, journaling, & prayer, and commit to weekly meetings for discussion, accountability, & prayer for the lost.
  • Gain a deeper understanding & calling in living as a disciple of Christ

Life Groups

  • Groups range from 6-20 people who meet once a week
  • Engage in studies of the Bible, faith, & topical lessons
  • Gain connection & support through becoming a part of a community of people doing life together

Sunday Worship Service

Pathway Response Form