Kids4Mation Sunday School

Time: Sunday 10:30 -11:30 am
(Snack downstairs 10:15-10:30 am)
Place: Children's Ministry Center
Age Range: Age 4 - Grade 5 (Age 2-3 Sunday School is located in the Toddler Nursery)
Director: Melissa Smith
Leaders: Darlene Potter
Bethany Kunselman
Robert Ortmann
Ben & Rochelle Brede
Helpers: Kathy Hill
Michelle Ortmann
Rex Brown
Marie Schrankel
Rita Kelly
Leah Schmitz
April Morse

Child Drop-off

Please bring your children at 9:00 am to their classrooms. We ask that all children be checked in, prior to coming to Kids4mation Sunday School. We use a secure digital check-in process to guarantee the safety of each child. At check-in, two labels will be printed with corresponding numbers. One label stays with the child; the other label stays with the parent. At pick-up, staff will ensure that the parent's label matches the child's label.


Child Pick-up Policy

All children are required to be picked up by their parent/guardian at the Children's Ministry Center. Please bring your check-in label with you. Children will not be released without parent or guardian present. Thank you. Please pick up children promptly following service. We would like to give our teachers/helpers time to attend Third Place Cafe. 


The goals of Kids4Mation Sunday School are to provide discipleship, to help kids know why they believe and to make their faith personal by building a testimony. Sunday school leaders aim to contribute to the process of deepening faith by making faith practical and applicable at school and home. Students are mentored through teaching and discussing Bible lessons. Other goals are training students to bring their Bible to church, teaching the books of the Bible, and presenting ministry opportunities. Children will work on Bible verse memorization during Kids4mation Sunday School as well.

We hope you will join us!

What do kids say about Kids4Mation?

Here are some thoughts from our own Spooner Wesleyan Sunday School students.

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